Transmissions: Element 120

I haven't been doing reviews outside of my 1001 games list yet, but this game is a perfect reason, in and of itself, to change that up a bit. Transmissions: Element 120 is a Half-Life 2 mod that brings so many new mechanics and environments to the table that it feels like it could be something completely new, yet it still feels like a professionally-built entry from the Half-Life series. Every step of the way I found myself completely immersed in the action, the puzzle and everything in between - seriously, there is so much that this game has to offer that I had never seen before. I have played mods that just alter what is given to them, creating something perfectly enjoyable, but this game takes it so much farther, adding a new weapon, new assets, a completely original soundtrack (that is phenomenal, by the way), all-new mechanics, and still pulls it together so perfectly.

Transmissions may be a bit short, but that doesn't mean it is bad in any way, shape, or form. It does everything a good game should in the time it was given, and although I wanted more so badly, I know deep down that the power and emotion fit into the mod would only be dumbed down by cramming in more content. If you couldn't tell by any of my previous praises, my final verdict on this game is that it should be played by any fan of the Half-Life series, and since it is free on Steam, doing just that won't be too hard!
Information about the game and its development can be found here (as of 7/16/2016):
The game can be found on Steam here (as of 7/16/2016):


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